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Bali Fish E

Cultured soft corals can be pack together with fishes on this list
Additional charges:
packing, prepaid freight, clearance and reoxygen fee if necessary

Item Number Size Common Name Scientific Name In Stock
F1011-1 M   Bicolor Angelfish   Centropyge bicolor 3
F1011-2 M   Coralbeauty Angelfish   Centropyge bispinosu 25
F1011-4 M   Eibl's Angelfish   Centropyge eibli 20
F1011-6 M   White-tail Angelfish   Centropyge flavicaud 11
F1012-0 M   Midnight Angelfish   Centropyge nox 2
F1012-1 M   Keyhole Angelfish   Centropyge tibicen 5
F1012-2 M   Pearl-Scaled Angelfish   Centropyge vroliki 11
F1013-0 M   Multy-barred Angelfish   Paracentropyge multi 10
F1014-2 M   Whitetail Vermiculated Angel   Chaetodontoplus meso 7
F1015-01 M   Bellus Angelfish Female   Genicanthus bellus ( 1
F1015-21 M   Blackspot Angelfish Female   Genicanthus melanosp 10
F1016-0 W   Blue-Ring Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus annulari 1
F1016-0 W   Blue-Ring Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus annulari 1
F1016-1 L   Emperor Angelfish   Pomacanthus imperato 1
F1016-1 L   Emperor Angelfish   Pomacanthus imperato 1
F1016-2 M   Blue-Girdled Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus navarchu 10
F1016-2 M   Blue-Girdled Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus navarchu 20
F1016-31 M   Koran Angelfish Juvenile   Pomacanthus semicirc 2
F1016-31 M   Koran Angelfish Juvenile   Pomacanthus semicirc 16
F1016-4 M   Six-Banded Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus sexstria 2
F1016-5 M   Blue-Faced Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus xanthome 10
F1016-50 M   Blue-Faced Angelfish Adult   Pomacanthus xanthometopon 50
F1016-51 M   Blue-Faced Angelfish Juvenil   Pomacanthus xanthome 2
F1017-0 M   Regal Angelfish Adult   Pygoplites diacanthu 2
F1017-01 M   Indian Regal Angelfish Adult   Pygoplites diacanthus (Indian 3
F1110-0 M   Longfin Bannerfish   Heniochus acuminatus 35
F1111-0 L   Copperband Butterflyfish   Chelmon rostratus 110
F1111-0 L   Copperband Butterflyfish   Chelmon rostratus 40
F1112-0 M   Long-Nosed Butterflyfish   Forcipiger flavissim 3
F1114-0 M   Bantayan Butterflyfish   Chaetodon adiergasto 1
F1114-3 M   Baroness Butterflyfish   Chaetodon baronessa 5
F1114-5   Burges's Butterflyfish   Chaetodon Burgessi 10
F1114-7 M   Red-Tailed Butterflyfish   Chaetodon collare 20
F1114-9 M   Saddleback Butterflyfish   Chaetodon ephippium 2
F1114-9 M   Saddleback Butterflyfish   Chaetodon ephippium 5
F1115-3 M   Klein's Butterflyfish   Chaetodon kleini 31
F1115-5 L   Raccoon Butterflyfish   Chaetodon lunula 2
F1116-6 M   Raffle'S Butterflyfish   Chaetodon rafflesi 4
F1116-9 M   Decorated Butterflyfish   Chaetodon semeion 1
F1117-0 M   Mirror Butterflyfish   Chaetodon speculum 2
F1117-4 M   Saddled Butterflyfish   Chaetodon ulietensis 2
F1117-5 M   Teardrop Butterflyfish   Chaetodon unimaculat 12
F1117-7 M   Philippine Chevron Butterfly   Chaetodon xanthurus 5
F1210-2 M   Orbiculate Batfish   Platax orbicularis 7
F1210-3 M   Long Finned Batfish   Platax pinnatus 1
F1210-4 M   Round-Faced Batfish   Platax teira 2
F1310-0 M   Skunk-Striped Clownfish   Amphiprion akallopis 11
F1310-1 M   Orange-Finned Clownfish   Amphiprion chrysopte 11
F1310-2 M   Clark's Clownfish   Amphiprion clarkii 5
F1310-5 M   Black Anemonefish   Amphiprion melanopus 1
F1310-6 M   Clownfish   Amphiprion ocellaris 150
F1310-8 M   False Skunk-Striped Clownfis   Amphiprion periderai 5
F1310-9 M   Saddleback Clownfish   Amphiprion polymnus 10
F1311-0 M   Orange Clownfish   Amphiprion sandaraci 2
F1311-1 M   Seba's Clownfish   Amphiprion sebae (ra 11
F1312-0 M   Spine-Cheeked Clownfish   Premnas biaculeatus 2
F1312-01 M   Gold Spine-Cheeked Clownfish   Premnas biaculeatus 2
F1313-0 M   Yellow Chromis   Chromis analis 5
F1313-6 M   Blue-Green Chromis   Chromis viridis 300
F1313-6 M   Blue-Green Chromis   Chromis viridis 250
F1313-6 M   Blue-Green Chromis   Chromis viridis 100
F1314-1 M   Allen's Damsel   Pomacentrus alleni 100
F1314-3 M   Goldbelly Damsel   Pomacentrus aurivent 120
F1314-5 M   Neon Damsel   Pomacentrus coelesti 50
F1318-0 M   Yellow-flank Damsel   Amblyglyphidodon fla 10
F1319-0 M   Yellow-tail Azure Damsel   Chrysiptera aasp/Chr 350
F1319-1 M   Bluedevil Damsel Male (Red-t   Chrysiptera cyanea ( 10
F1319-11 M   Bluedevil Damsel Female   Chrysiptera cyanea ( 280
F1319-2 M   Blue Yellow Belly Damsel   Chrysiptera hemicyan 250
F1319-3 M   White-Banded Damsel   Chrysiptera leucopom 0
F1319-5 M   Half Blue Half Yellow Damsel   Chrysiptera parasema 80
F1319-7 M   Rolland's Damsel   Chrysiptera rollandi 30
F1319-8 M   Springer's Damsel   Chrysiptera springer 200
F1319-9 M   Talbot's Damsel   Chrysiptera talboti 55
F1321-0 M   Whitetailed Demoiselle   Dascyllus aruanus 170
F1321-2 M   Blacktail Demoiselle   Dascyllus melanurus 120
F1321-3 M   Reticulated Demoiselle   Dascyllus reticulatu 110
F1321-4 M   Threespot Demoiselle   Dascyllus trimaculat 80
F1323-0 M   Stripetail Sergeant   Abudefduf sexfasciat 50
F1510-0 M   Cornetfish   Fistularia commersonii 2
F1610-2 M   Yellow-spotted Pipefish   Corythoichthys polyn 30
F1615-1 M   Banded Pipefish   Dunckerocampus dacty 10
F1615-3 M   Yellow Banded Pipefish   Dunckerocampus pessuliferus 10
F1618-0 M   Alligator Pipefish   Syngnathoides biacul 25
F1810-0 M   Common Shrimpfish   Aeoliscus strigatus 50
F2010-0 M   Purple Stripe Clingfish   Diademichthys Lineatus 5
F2110-2 L   Giant Frogfish   Antennarius commerso 1
F2110-5 M   Coin-Bearing Frogfish   Antennarius nummifer 1
F2210-0 M   Twinspot Lionfish   Dendrochirus biocell 4
F2210-2 M   Zebra Lionfish   Dendrochirus zebra 12
F2211-1 M   Spotfin Lionfish   Pterois antennata 12
F2211-2 M   Clearfin Lionfish   Pterois radiata 1
F2211-2 M   Clearfin Lionfish   Pterois radiata 2
F2211-3 M   Russell's Lionfish   Pterois russelli/ P. 3
F2211-4 M   Volitan's Lionfish (Black)   Pterois volitans 21
F2214-0 M   Sailfin Scorpionfish   Taenianotus triacant 2
F2215-0 M   Cockatoo Scorpionfish   Ablabys taenianotus 1
F2216-0 M   Yellow-Spotted Scorpionfish   Sebastapistes cyanostigma 6
F2217-2 M   Red Scorpionfish   Scorpaena notata 1
F2311-0 M   Popeyed Seagoblin   Inimicus didactylus 4
F2710-02 M   Black Ribbon Eel (Juvenile)   Rhinomuraena quaesit 2
F2711-0 M   White Ribbon Eel   Pseudechidna brummer 10
F2712-0 M   Snowflake Moray   Echidna nebulosa 13
F2713-4 L   Dark-Spotted Moray   Gymnothorax fimbriat 4
F2715-0 M   Zebra Moray   Gymnomuraena zebra 6
F2912-0 M   Whitespotted garden eel   Gorgasia maculatus Klause 10
F3010-4 M   Diana's Hogfish Adult   Bodianus diana - 8
F3010-6 M   Eclipse Hogfish Adult   Bodianus mesothorax 12
F3010-7 M   Chanystripe Hogfish Adult   Bodianus opercularis 5
F3012-4 M   Yellow Tail Clown Wrasse Adu   Coris gaimard - 5
F3012-41 M   Yellow Tail Clown Wrasse Juv   Coris gaimard (j) 15
F3014-7 M   Golden Wrasse Adult   Halichoeres chrysus 35
F3015-0 M   Checkerboard Wrasse Adult   Halichoeres hortulan 7
F3015-01 M   Checkerboard Wrasse Juvenile   Halichoeres hortulan 2
F3016-0 M   Orange-Tipped Wrasse Adult   Halichoeres melanuru 25
F3016-6 M   Purpleheaded Wrasse Adult   Halichoeres prosopei 5
F3020-0 M   Leopard Wrasse Adult   Macropharyngodon mel 5
F3020-1 M   Yellospoted Wrasse Adult   Macropharyngodon neg 5
F3021-4 M   Disapperaring Wrasse   Pseudocheilinus evan 5
F3021-5 M   Sixstripe Wrasse   Pseudocheilinus hexa 103
F3021-6 M   Eightstripe Wrasse   Pseudocheilinus octo 1
F3022-0 M   Seagrass Wrasse   Novaculichthys macro 2
F3023-0 M   Bicolored Cleaner Wrasse Adu   Labroides bicolor 10
F3023-01 M   Bicolored Cleaner Wrasse Juv   Labroides bicolor (j 10
F3023-1 M   Cleaner Wrasse Adult   Labroides dimidiatus 100
F3023-2 M   False Cleaner Wrasse Adult   Labroides pectoralis 10
F3026-0 M   Mentawai Fairywrasse Male   Cirrhilabrus adornat 50
F3026-1 M   Orange&Purple Fairywrasse Ma   Cirrhilabrus auranti 50
F3026-2 M   Blue-Sided Fairywrasse Male   Cirrhilabrus cyanopl 32
F3026-3 M   Exquisite Fairywrasse Male   Cirrhilabrus cf. exq 50
F3026-4 M   Yellow Filament Fairywrasse   Cirrhilabrus filamen 10
F3026-5 M   Red Bar Fairywrasse Male   Cirrhilabrus flavido 30
F3026-8 M   Lubbock'S Fairywrasse   Cirrhilabrus lubbock 60
F3027-3 M   Solorensis Fairywrasse Male   Cirrhilabrus soloren 50
F3027-7 M   Naoko Fairy Wrasse   Cirrhilabrus naokoae 20
F3028-21 M   Cyanneus Flasherwrasse Femal   Paracheilinus cyaneus (xf) 30
F3028-3 M   Filament Flasherwrasse Male   Paracheilinus filame 25
F3028-5 M   Eightlinefin Flasherwrasse   Paracheilinus mccosk 25
F3029-0 M   Barred Thicklipwrasse Adult   Hemigymnus fasciatus 1
F3031-0 M   Twotone Wrasse Male   Thalassoma amblyceph 1
F3035-0 M   Slingjaw Wrasse Adult   Epibulus insidiator 1
F3037-0   Cigar Wrasse   Cheilio Inermis 5
F3111-0 M   Bicolor Parrotfish Adult   Cetoscarus bicolor 5
F3111-01 M   Bicolor Parrotfish Juvenile   Cetoscarus bicolor ( 5
F3112-7 M   Quoy's Parrotfish   Scarus quoyi 6
F3210-1 M   Ring-tail Surgeonfish   Acanthurus aurantica 2
F3210-2 L   Black-Spot Surgeonfish   Acanthurus bariene 15
F3210-6 L   Fowler's Surgeonfish   Acanthurus fowleri 20
F3210-8 L   Mustard Surgeonfish   Acanthurus guttatus 4
F3211-0 M   White-spine Surgeonfish   Acanthurus leucochei 5
F3211-1 M   Powderblue Surgeonfish   Acanthurus leucoster 50
F3211-1 M   Powderblue Surgeonfish   Acanthurus leucoster 25
F3211-2 M   Lined Surgeonfish   Acanthurus lineatus 5
F3211-3 L   Black-Eared Surgeonfish   Acanthurus macullice 2
F3211-4 M   Yellow Eyed Surgeonfish   Acanthurus mata 3
F3211-5 M   W-cheek Surgeonfish   Acanthurus nigricans 20
F3211-6 L   Eye-line Surgeonfish   Acanthurus nigricaud 7
F3211-7 M   Dusky Surgeonfish   Acanthurus nigrofusc 7
F3212-0 M   Orange-blotch Surgeonfish Ad   Acanthurus olivaceou 12
F3212-0 M   Orange-blotch Surgeonfish Ad   Acanthurus olivaceou 5
F3212-1 M   Chocolate Surgeonfish Adult   Acanthurus pyroferus 20
F3212-11 M   Chocolate Surgeonfish Juveni   Acanthurus pyroferus 15
F3212-2 L   Lieutenant Surgeonfish   Acanthurus tennenti 2
F3212-51 M   Indian Mimic Surgeonfish (st   Acanthurus tristis ( 3
F3212-6 M   Purple Surgeonfish   Acanthurus xanthopte 3
F3213-0 M   Blue Surgeonfish   Paracanthurus hepatu 5
F3213-0 M   Blue Surgeonfish   Paracanthurus hepatu 79
F3214-0   White Margin Unicornfish   Naso Annulatus 1
F3214-1 M   Humpback Unicornfish   Naso brachycentron - 10
F3214-21 M   Spotted Unicornfish Juvenile   Naso brevirostris (j 5
F3214-4 M   Orange-dorsal Unicornfish Ad   Naso elegans - (Ind 25
F3214-4 M   Orange-dorsal Unicornfish Ad   Naso elegans - (Ind 2
F3214-4 M   Orange-dorsal Unicornfish Ad   Naso elegans - (Ind 2
F3214-6 L   Orange-spine Unicornfish Adu   Naso lituratus - (Pa 20
F3214-6 L   Orange-spine Unicornfish Adu   Naso lituratus - (Pa 30
F3214-61 M   Orange-spine Unicornfish Juv   Naso lituratus - (Pa 45
F3215-1 M   Unicornis Unicornfish   Naso unicornis - 10
F3215-21 M   Vlaming's Unicornfish Juveni   Naso vlamingi (j) 43
F3216-1 M   Two-spot Bristletooth   Ctenochaetus binotat 10
F3216-2 M   Gold-ring Bristletooth   Ctenochaetus cf stri 2
F3216-3 M   Striped Bristletooth Adult   Ctenochaetus striatu 10
F3216-4 M   Tomini Bristletooth Adult   Ctenochaetus tominie 20
F3218-0 M   Desjardin'S Sailfintang Adul   Zebrasoma desjardini 15
F3218-1 M   Brown Sailfintang Adult   Zebrasoma scopas 34
F3218-11   Brown Sailfin Tang Juv   Zebrasoma Scopas 2
F3218-2 L   Pacific Sailfintang Adult   Zebrasoma veliferum 1
F3218-2 L   Pacific Sailfintang Adult   Zebrasoma veliferum 2
F3310-4 M   Yellow-Blotch Rabbitfish   Siganus guttatus 10
F3311-1 M   Decorated Rabbitfish   Siganus puellus 5
F3311-6 M   Double-Barred Rabbitfish   Siganus virgatus 36
F3311-7 L   Foxface Rabbitfish   Siganus (Lo) vulpinu 20
F3311-7 L   Foxface Rabbitfish   Siganus (Lo) vulpinu 220
F3610-1 M   Striped Puffer   Arothron manilensis 4
F3610-4 M   Black-spotted Puffer   Arothron nigropuncta 1
F3613-4 M   Spotted Toby   Canthigaster solandr 5
F3613-6 M   Black-saddled Toby   Canthigaster valenti 16
F3710-0 M   Spiny Porcupinefish   Diodon holacanthus 60
F3811-0 M   Orange-stripped Triggerfish   Balistapus undulatus 1
F3813-2 M   Pinktail Triggerfish   Melichthys vidua 13
F3814-0 X   Clown Triggerfish   Balistoides conspici 10
F3815-0 L   Redtooth Triggerfish   Odonus niger 30
F3815-0 L   Redtooth Triggerfish   Odonus niger 50
F3819-0 M   Picasso Triggerfish   Rhinecanthus aculeat 1
F3819-1 M   Rectangle Picasso Triggerfis   Rhinecanthus rectang 5
F3819-2 M   Blackbelly Picasso Triggerfi   Rhinecanthus verruco 5
F3913-0 M   Matted Filefish   Acreichthys tomentos 6
F4013-2 M   Two-Colored Blenny   Ecsenius bicolor 100
F4017-0 M   Jawelled Blenny   Salarias fasciatus 100
F4017-1 M   Segmented Blenny   Salarias segmentatus 40
F4018-0 M   Yellow Tail Poison-fang Blen   Meiacanthus atrodors 5
F4018-3 M   Smith's Poison-fang Blenny   Meiacanthus smithii 5
F4110-1 M   Spottyhead Goby   Amblygobius Bynoensis 10
F4113-0 M   Twostripe Goby (Railway Goby   Valenciennea helsdin 25
F4113-1 M   Longfinned Goby   Valenciennea longipi 25
F4113-3 L   Maiden Goby (Orange-spotted   Valenciennea puellar 25
F4113-4 M   Six-spot Goby   Valenciennea sexgutt 25
F4113-6 M   False Golden Head Sleeper Go   Valenciennea strigat 10
F4121-1 M   Orange-Spotted Prawngoby   Amblyeleotris guttat 50
F4122-3 M   Orangestripe Prawngoby   Amblyeleotris randal 5
F4122-31 M   Orangestripe Goby w/ shrimp   A. randalli & Alpheus sp. 1
F4124-0 M   Steinitz's Prawngoby   Amblyeleotris steini 20
F4125-0 M   Gorgeous Prawngoby   Amblyeleotris wheele 25
F4126-0 M   Flagtail Prawngoby   Amblyeleotris yanoi 20
F4128-1 M   Pink-speckled Shrimpgoby   Cryptocentrus leptoc 30
F4129-1 M   Tangaroa Shrimpgoby   Ctenogobiops tangaro 20
F4131-0 M   White-rayed Shrimpgoby   Stonogobiops aasp 100
F4131-2 M   Black-rayed Shrimpgoby   Stonogobiops nematod 31
F4133-1 M   White Flecks Shrimp Goby   Tomiyamichthys aasp 20
F4135-0 M   Black Coral Goby   Gobiodon aasp 10
F4135-3 M   Yellow Coralgoby   Gobiodon okinawae 50
F4135-4 M   Red Coralgoby   Gobiodon quinquestri 10
F4211-1 M   Ocellated Dragonet   Synchiropus ocellatu 20
F4211-2 M   Psychedelic Dragonet   Synchiropus picturat 28
F4211-3 M   Mandarin Dragonet   Synchiropus splendid 26
F4310-0 M   Filamented Sanddiver   Trichonotus setigerus 20
F4410-0 M   Aioleops megastigma   Aioleops megastigma 100
F4610-0 M   Decorated Firefish   Nemateleotris decora 505
F4610-1 M   Magnifica Firefish   Nemateleotris magnif 501
F4611-0 M   Blackfin Dartfish   Ptereleotris evides 7
F4611-3 M   Pearly Dartfish   Ptereleotris microle 10
F4611-5 M   Zebra Dartfish   Ptereleotris zebra 10
F4710-0 1   Greensided Jawfish   Opistognathus aasp 10
F4710-2 M   Randal's Jawfish   Opistognathus randal 25
F5010-2 M   Redspotted Sandperch   Parapercis schauinsl 2
F5110-1   Twinspot Anthias Male   Pseudanthias Bimaculatus 10
F5110-2 M   Indian Oc. Lyretail Anthias   Pseudanthias Cheiros 25
F5110-21 M   Lyretail Anthias Male   Pseudanthias Cheiros 10
F5110-3 M   Peach Anthias Male   Pseudanthias dispar 100
F5110-6 M   Redcheek Anthias Male   Pseudanthias hutchi 15
F5110-8 M   Stocky Anthias Male   Pseudanthias hypselo 5
F5111-7 M   Squarespot Anthias Male   Pseudanthias pleurot 11
F5111-71 M   Squarespot Anthias Female   Pseudanthias pleurot 5
F5111-9 M   Serrano Anthias Male   Pseudanthias serrano 3
F5112-0 M   Lyretail Anthias Male   Pseudanthias squamip 9
F5112-01 M   Lyretail Anthias Female   Pseudanthias squamip 103
F5112-02 M   Indian Oc. Lyretail Anthias   Pseudanthias squamip 4
F5112-03 M   Indian Oc. Lyretail Anthias   Pseudanthias squamip 50
F5112-1 M   Purple Anthias Male   Pseudanthias tuka (m 100
F5112-11   Purple Anthias Female   Pseudanthias Tuka 100
F5112-6 M   Princess Anthias Female   Pseudanthias smithva 10
F5114-1 M   Magenta slender anthias   Luzonichthys waitei 50
F5115-0 M   Arrowhead Soapfish   Belonoperca chabanaudi 1
F5116-0 M   Peacock Grouper   Cephalopholis argus 1
F5116-4 M   Harlequin Hind   Cephalopholis pollen 10
F5119-0 M   Panther Grouper   Cromileptes altiveli 13
F5122-0 M   Whitemargin Lyretail Grouper   Variola albimarginat 1
F5310-7 M   Royal Dottyback   Pseudochromis paccag 53
F5310-9 M   Spotfin Dottyback Male   Pseudochromis polyne 2
F5311-0 M   Splendid Dottyback   Pseudochromis splend 50
F5510-0 M   Chameleon Sandtilefish   Hoplolatilus chlupat 2
F5510-5 M   Purple Sandtilefish   Hoplolatilus purpure 2
F5610-0 M   Sharksucker   Echeneis naucrates 1
F5730-0 M   Barred   Kuhlia Mugil 20
F5810-0 M   Silver Mono Scat (brackish w   Monodactylus argente 5
F6010-2 M   Yellow-striped Cardinalfish   Apogon cyanosoma 200
F6010-4 M   Bluestreak Cardinalfish   Apogon leptacanthus 200
F6010-5 M   Red spotted Cardinalfish   Apogon parvulus 100
F6011-0 M   Banggai Cardinalfish   Pterapogon kauderni 205
F6013-0 M   Sharptooth cardinalfish   Cheilodipterus Quinq 5
F6014-1 M   Orbiculate Cardinalfish   Sphaeramia orbicular 100
F6110-0 M   Indian Pompano   Alectis indicus 2
F6111-0 S   Golden Trevally   Gnathanodon speciosu 1
F6111-0 S   Golden Trevally   Gnathanodon speciosu 20
F6111-0 S   Golden Trevally   Gnathanodon speciosu 10
F6112-0 M   Assorted Jack / Trevally   Carangoides aasp 10
F6112-0 M   Assorted Jack / Trevally   Carangoides aasp 1
F6113-0 M   Pilot Amberjack   Naucrates ductor 10
F6210-8 M   Bluelined Snapper   Lutjanus kasmira 10
F6212-0 M   Blue-lined Seabream Adult   Symphorichthys spilu 1
F6212-13 M   Black Beauty Snapper Juvenil   Macolor niger 2
F6310-0 M   Giant Sweetlips Juvenile   Plectorhinchus albovittatus 1
F6310-1 M   Harlequin Sweetlips Juvenile   Plectorhinchus chaet 5
F6310-3 L   Silver-Banded Sweetlips Juve   Plectorhinchus diagr 1
F6310-5 M   Lined Sweetlips Juv   Plectorhinchus Lineatus 1
F6310-6 L   Oriental Sweetlips Juvenile   Plectorhinchus orien 4
F6310-7 M   Painted Sweetlips Juvenile   Plectorhinchus pictu 5
F6310-8 M   Spotted Sweetlips Juvenile   Plectorhinchus pictu 1
F6510-0 M   Treadfin Hawkfish   Cirrhitichthys aprin 5
F6510-01 M   Red-blotched Perchlet   Plectranthias inermi 5
F6510-1 M   Dwarf Hawkfish   Cirrhitichthys falco 5
F6511-0 M   Longnose Hawkfish   Oxycirrhites typus 5
F6512-1 M   Freckled Hawkfish   Paracirrhites forste 15
F6610-0 M   Brick Soldierfish   Myripristis amaena 5
F6611-0 M   Threespot Squirrelfish   Sargocentron cornutu 3
F7010-0 M   Stripe Catfish   Plotosus lineatus 15
F7110-1 M   Deep-bodied Fusilier   Caesio cuning 25
F7210-0 M   Twoline Spinecheek   Scolopsis bilineatus 3
F7211-0 M   Common Blue Wipetail   Pentapodus aasp 2
F7310-0 M   Eyed Flounder   Bothus ocellatus 10
F7510-0 M   Great Barracuda   Sphyraena barracuda 25
F7612-0 M   Black-tip Reef Shark   Carcharhinus melanop 3
F7710-0 L   White-tip Reef Shark   Triaenodon obesus 2
F8210-3 L   Brown-banded Cat Shark   Chiloscyllium puncta 5
C1010-0 M   Harlequin shrimp   Hymenocera elegans(p 17
C1011-2 M   Monaco cleaner shrimp   Lysmata seticaudata 100
C1012-1 M   Coloured mantis shrimp   Odontodactylus scyll 4
C1012-9 M   Anemone shrimp   Periclimenes aasp 50
C1013-0 M   White spoted anemone shrimp   Periclimenes brevica 50
C1014-0 M   Common dancing shrimp   Rhynchocinetes durba 150
C1016-1 M   Pine cone marble shrimp   Saron inermis 100
C1016-2 M   Common marble shrimp   Saron marmoratus 30
C1016-4 M   Purple-leg marble shrimp   Saron rectirostris 10
C1017-1 M   Banded boxer shrimp   Stenopus hispidus 10
C1017-3 M   Yellow body boxer shrimp   Stenopus zanzibaricu 20
C1019-0 M   Sexy shrimp   Thor amboinensis 200
C1021-3 M   Lottini snapping shrimp   Alpheus Lottini 50
C1210-0 M   Retusa spider crab   Camposcia retusa 75
C1211-0 M   Rockrunner land crab   Grapsus albolineatus 75
C1215-0 M   Red coral crab   Trapezia lutea 50
C1311-0 M   Metalic blue leg hermit crab   Calcinus elegans 50
C1311-1 M   White leg hermit crab   Calcinus laevimanus 1100
C1311-3 M   Red Hermit Crab   Calcinus sp. 230
C1411-0 M   Brown octopus   Octopus macropus 50
C1613-0 M   Leaf nudibranch   Chromodoris aasp 25
C1615-0 M   Spanish dancer nudibranch   Hexabranchus sanguin 5
C1616-0 M   Red banner nudibranch   Hypselodoris bullock 5
C1617-0 M   White spotted nudibranch   Jorunna funebris 5
C1618-0 M   Stripe nudibranch   Phyllidia aasp 25
C1619-0 M   Seahare nudibranch   Dolabella auriculari 52
C1713-2 M   Spoted grazer   Cypraea tigris 20
C1715-2 M   Small meat grazer   Nassarius aasp 200
C1719-0 M   Fenestratus grazer   Tectus fenestratus 900
C1720-0 M   Histrio grazer   Trochus histrio 1500
C1721-0 M   Orange spotted grazer   Turbo aasp 600
C1721-1 M   Green brunneus grazer   Turbo brunneus 600
C1722-0 M   Hard chiton   Acanthopleura gemmat 100
C1725-0 M   Strawberry conch   Strombus luhuanus 200
C1727-0 M   Nerita's grazer   Nerita aasp 800
I1011-0 M   Cleaner sand starfish   Archaster typicus 100
I1013-0 M   Chocolate starfish   Celerina heffernani 10
I1014-0 M   Dark red long starfish   Echinaster luzonicus 25
I1016-0 M   Blue starfish   Linckia laevigata 50
I1017-0 M   General colored starfish   Pentaceraster alveol 5
I1021-0 M   Green brittle starfish   Ophiaracna incrassat 30
I1021-2 M   Zebra brittle starfish   Ophiolepis superba 50
I1021-3 M   Hairy brittle starfish   Ophiomastix annulosa 25
I1021-6 M   Black brittle starfish   Ophiocomina scolopen 15
I1023-1 M   Orange eye long spine sea ur   Diadema setosum 100
I1024-1 M   Zebra sea urchin (Long spine   Echinotrix calamaris 30
I1027-0 M   Fruit sea urchin (Short-spin   Mespilia globulus 115
I1029-0 M   Multicolor sea urchin (Short   Tripneustes gratilla 90
I1030-0 M   Green sea urchin (Short-spin   Anthocidaris crissip 19
I1033-0 M   Red featherstar   Himerometra robustip 15
I1036-0 M   Common black back cucumber   Holothuria atra 45
I1036-1 M   Red black back cucumber   Holothuria edulis 16
I1038-1 M   Batik cucumber   Theletonota rubrolin 40
I1040-0 M   Sea apple cucumber   Pseudocholchirus tri 30
I1041-0 M   Red sea cucumber   Pentacta australis 50
I1042-0 M   Black white long cucumber   Euapta godeffroyi 9
I1043-0 M   Red long cucumber   Opheodesoma australi 25
I1510-03 M   Coloured corn anemone   Entacmea quadricolor 50
I1510-06 M   Red corn anemone (grade B)   Entacmea quadricolor 50
I1610-13 M   Yellow milk anemone   Heteractis crispa 20
I1610-31 M   White sand anemone   Heteractis malu 30
I1710-0 M   Common LT anemone   Macrodactyla doreens 20
I2310-0 M   Red-white sand tubeworm   Bispira guinensis 200
I2310-1 M   Brown sand tubeworm   Bispira trisyclia 50
I2311-0 M   Purple clay sand tubeworm   Megalomma v. laniger 75
I2313-1 M   Common featherworm   Sabellastarte sancti 120
I2313-2 M   Yellow featherworm   Sabellastarte specta 330

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